Singita: Child-friendly Lodges perfect for family travel.

By Elise Langlois

You love travelling and discovering new destinations? Are you curious about exploration and love nature and the wilderness? Welcome to Southern Africa. The only glitch to your travel plans is that you have children and many  top range accommodations do not accept them.  No need to worry, the combination of a wonderful trip with your entire family is now possible. We decided to select the Singita group, which is represented everywhere in South Africa, in Zimbabwe and in Tanzania.and warmly welcomes families with a wealth of original activities. 

For parents travelling with their children, Singita Boulders and Ebony Lodges (South Africa) along with Singita Pamushana Lodge (Zimbabwe) is ideal. Activities at the lodges are specifically tailored to the interests of each family. Here you can find some of the most interesting ideas in the world, which are based on their originality, their educative and informative goal.

Baking with the lodge chefs

What do you think about cooking with a chef? This activity, called The Cookie-cutter Program, is proposed in Ebony Lodges and Sweni Lodges. Children make their own cookie with the help of one of the lodge chefs. It is a way to learn a new skill that will earn them bragging rights with their friends!

Mini Rangers’ Course

This activity is a real chance for kids to discover the huge and complicated nature they are taking part of. Accompanied with a guide, these races cover tracking animals; frogging; butterfly capture and release; astronomy; bush survival techniques; flower-pressing; game-spotting competitions; nature quizzes and a guide’s test.

Community Projects: Early Childhood Development

Finally, we want to present you an initiative that is really important to Singita. The group is involved in the community development of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve.  They created a partnership with the READ Educational Trust, a long-standing, non-profit organisation that recognised child development leader, to enhance the quality of early childhood education offered by the preschools. For instance, they organised formal training courses for teachers. For example, through the Growing to Read” program, Singita has chosen to focus on the literacy of children.

You can meet the children in these schools and learn more about this program and its benefits. Through this initiative, it is also a way to support children’s future, and one more time, the family concept in general.


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