Island Hopping Yacht Cruise – Mozambique

By Orianne Gambino

If the thought of gorgeous beaches, a calming boat cruise and exploring beautiful islands sounds good to you, this is the article for you. Mozambique is a beautiful coastal African country, perfect for a vacation. Here is an account of my personal journey island hopping in Mozambique.

yacht cruise

Day 0 – Packing day

I am excited. I believe packing is one of the greatest parts of a trip. While packing swimsuits, sun screen and light dresses, I cannot stop dreaming about my upcoming experience, and I am deeply convinced this trip will go beyond my expectations. We should arrive in Pemba tomorrow afternoon, after a 3-hour flight from Johannesburg. Then, we’ll start on the yacht cruise. By the end of the day, we will land in Ibo Island. I googled the place, it looks like heaven.

Day 1

Packing day. I am writing right now from Ibo Island. I flew today from Johannesburg to Pemba, and then took a charter flight from Pemba to Ibo. I have never seen such beauty. From the sky, the shading of turquoise, melting with the white sand almost looked unreal. After landing, we arrived at the yacht and received a safety briefing. In ten minutes we will set sail north for the Southern Island. I am looking forward to my first sunset dinner in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Day 2

It was an early wake up this morning. After a light snack, we dived for the first time in our trip. Breathtaking. In the middle of the ocean, floating around hundreds of colourful fishes I spotted so many underwater treasures. After breakfast, we headed to Quilalea region, where we will be anchored tonight. On the way we stopped on Quisiva Island and explored its incredible old fort.

yacht cruise

Day 3

I was so excited about the activities, I did not even mention our crew. Fantastic. All very kind and helpful, and they know everything about the island. As promised, the food is excellent, the chef cooked succulent fresh crayfish yesterday, paired with a delicious white wine. The dinner was on the deck with an exceptional view over the sea, lit by the moon. I have never felt luckier in my all life. Right now, it is 5am. Romain and I woke up to see the sun rising in the middle of the ocean. I might get back to sleep a little bit more. After breakfast we will head back to Ibo Island to discover its treasures. We also want to enjoy the mangrove kayaking activity.

Day 4

Yesterday we enjoyed Ibo Island, we went Mangrove kayaking, swam in the crystal-clear water and took a historical tour. We could even enjoy the pool facilities at the Ibo Lodge. It felt good to spend a day on land before getting back to our splendid yacht. This morning we sailed to Matemo and Rolas Islands. After a morning dive, Romain decided to try fishing, and I just sunbathed. This afternoon we wandered around Matemo Island and enjoyed some cocktails by the pool at the Matemo Island Resort.

yacht cruise

Day 5

We sailed north to Medjumbe Island. How can such a small island have so many underwater gems? Diving was breathtaking, between the colours, the underwater plants and all of the species we met, I was amazed. After diving, we rested on the sandy beach and practiced our balancing skills by standing up and paddling around. Today was more about sunbathing and resting in the ocean.

Day 6

We went diving again today, looking for turtles. I think swimming with turtles is one of the most peaceful things I have ever done. They are such gracious animals, and the ride was smooth and thrilling. No words could describe it. I cannot believe tomorrow is our last day.

yacht cruise

Day 7

We fell asleep near Matemo Island and woke up this morning right next to Pemba. I guess it makes the departure easier, not seeing a part of the way back. I did not write yesterday, I wanted to enjoy my last day as much as I could. We spent the day on Matemo Island and enjoyed our last diving experience in Mozambique. Those holidays were the best idea we have ever had.

So there you have it! I hope my 7-day excursion has inspired you for your next holiday destination. What do you look forward to doing the most in this lovely country?

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