Our Travel By XO Newsletter is back!

Long time, isn’t it? How have you been?

Writing down this Edito feels to me like reconnecting with old friends I haven’t seen for a while.

It feels like it was yesterday…

How things going?

On our side? So much to say!

For the past  8 months we worked… a hell of a lot… focussing on delivering impeccable service to our clients. Believe me, we engaged our full attention and efforts to tailor-made, organise and deliver much more than expected from us.

Because we CARE.

We also embarked on a more introspective journey… To collectively imagine and progressively transform our agency,  placing values, individuals and collaborative-management as the fundamental pillars of our company. To create an environment that will benefit to all. Us, here in Cape Town but also and even more, You.

But I’m talking, talking… almost forgot…

I’d like to introduce you to Lauren, who recently met our team. With Jeff, in less than 3 months, she put this newsletter together. Published on our social medias incredible useful and original articles.   Been the co-architect of our new travel website  https://travelbyxo.com/(OPEN and HONEST feedback welcome).  

And get ready for this, gave birth to a little boy called Joshua! (apparently Jeff was not involved in this last part)…

Not bad, isn’t it?

Need to go now… But promised, we won’t wait for that long before getting in touch again…

So, how are you?

Sebastien Charrieras, Director of XO Africa.

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