From the magical red dunes of sossusvlei and wild allure of the Skeleton coast to the desert adapted lions of Damaraland, the ghost towns consumed by sand and the majestic Fish River Canyon, Namibia is incomparable to any other landscape around the world. Go game-viewing in the Northern Caprivi Strip and Etosha National Park or spot the feral horses and quiver trees of Namibia’s more remote areas. The cities of Windhoek and Swakopmund will offer all the restaurants, bars and amenities you need while visiting this off-roader’s paradise.

With a subtropical desert climate, you’ll find huge differences between day and nighttime temperatures, low humidity and low rainfall. Namibia’s winter and summer fall during the opposite times to Europe and North America and game viewing is best during dry winter months between May and October while the wet summer sees the desert temperatures soar along with the humidity and rainfall.

Weather & Climate – Namibia. Mostly, Namibia has a subtropical desert climate characterized by great differences in day and nighttime temperatures, low rainfall and overall low humidity. Namibia experiences winter and summer at opposite times as Europe and North America and they correspond to the Dry and Wet seasons.